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Plot[ edit ] George Venturi John Ralston , a divorced man from London, Ontario who had custody of his three children from a previous marriage: Up until that point, Casey was perfectly content with her life. Growing up as the oldest child in a household in Toronto , Ontario with only her mother and sister had suited her well and brought her up as a self-sufficient and independent young woman. Casey was originally upset about having to move to London, Ontario from Toronto, a much bigger city as shown in the episode “How I Met Your Stepbrother” , for many reasons including Derek, but she eventually got over her own problems and agreed to move there for Nora and George’s sake once she saw how much they cared for each other.

Michael Seater as Derek Venturi, the oldest child and the titular “Derek” of the series. Unlike Casey, he is lax-mannered and somewhat underhanded about achieving his goals and excelling in his academics, though is not entirely unkind.

Dating; AdChoices ‘Life with Derek’ fanfiction podcast with stars being considered to ignore the fact that people were shipping stepsiblings Derek and Casey together on ‘Life with Derek.

Thanks muchly to MagicAngel for the idea! The Fight Derek watched surreptitiously as his stepsister made-out with his best friend on the family couch. He wanted to punch something. He settled for smacking the wall though. His anger at the situation boiled up even more. Without thinking things through, he headed towards the living room.

He clenched his fists by his sides, feeling the anger surging through his veins. He jerked Sam’s collar, bringing him up and socked him in the stomach. Casey yelped his name but Derek ignored her as he continued to pummel his ex best friend. He landed a punch on Sam’s jaw and another in his stomach again. Sam tried to fight back but Derek’s rage was too strong.

The Girlfriend List Chapter 1: Prologue, a life with derek fanfic

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This often leads to conflict between the two. Prior to her mom remarrying, Casey only had one younger sister and, much like Derek, was used to being in charge. She is studious and high maintenance, but throughout the course of the show becomes a little more easy going. Casey often confides in her guidance counselor, Paul, about her problems – or just to vent about Derek. Usually for Derek, although she knows how to get revenge.

She has an acute sense of morality, especially when it involves Derek and him hurting other people, particularly girls. She even sports the nickname “Klutzilla” in one episode. Both she and Derek are this, but she takes the cake sometimes. Especially when she and Max were dating. Unintentional on the writers’ part, intentional on the actors’, particularly Ashley Leggat, who multiple times stated that she wanted her character to end up with Derek. She wears pigtails in some episodes. At the beginning of each episode, she usually makes a comment to the viewers about what the general theme or message of what the episode will be about.

Hate at First Sight: Their first lines exchanged leaves her concluding he’s the most ‘arrogant, insensitive, rude person’ she has ever met.

Casey McDonald

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Casey jumped off the stage and ran up the center aisle into Derek’s surprised arms. It was the first time Derek was letting her hug him, Casey realized, among her bliss. No sooner had the realization hit, then the marks pinched and started bleeding. Again, Derek rolled his eyes, but then he turned his fond gaze to Casey: That night Casey called up Emily and told her the good news about Derek.

Who would have thought? Derek actually having feelings for his klutzy step-sister? Saying it aloud actually helped the nagging doubts in her head. Casey was always too hard on herself and it didn’t help that the idea of such a genuine crush being returned by Derek was so hard to fathom. Casey didn’t doubt Derek’s capacity for affection, rather she doubted her capacity to be accepted.

So, you admit to liking Derek? Am I hearing this right? Casey, herself, hadn’t realized she really liked Derek that way until their date. She had kept it to herself after their big fight over her misconstrued assumptions read:

Fanfic: Fate with Derek Ch 6, Life With Derek

I’ve been following it from when the first episode aired on Disney Channel. It was after that I realized that Derek and Casey are perfect for each other. Everyone who is anti-Dasey say that’s it’s “insest” but it’s not given the fact that Derek and Casey aren’t blood related. Another reason is my favorite actor, the sex-god himself Michael Seater. ILY I also watch the show because I can sorta relate to it. But eventually they all got over it.

Anonymous whispered, “Hi, so I remember reading a Dasey fanfic where Casey lost her memory when she was at summer camp where she meet Derek and they feel in love but she doesn’t remember Derek or anything that happened that summer.

She is now dating Sheldon Shlepper who then moves to Newfoundland. She and Derek went on a date once, but decided it wouldn’t work out when Derek admits he only asked her out to bother Casey. Arnold Pinnock as Paul , Casey’s guidance counselor who never actually “gives” Casey advice. Kit Weyman as Sam , Derek’s best friend and Casey’s first crush since she moved in with the Venturi’s. After receiving Derek’s permission, they begin dating in “Male Code Blue”. After breaking up numerous times, they call it quits in “Middle Manic”, but decide to stay friends in “Battle of the Bands” when Casey becomes the lead singer of Derek’s band.

She’s in the grade ahead of Casey and Derek. Robbie Amell as Max , the school’s quarterback and Casey’s boyfriend beginning in “Misadventures in Babysitting”. He dated the head cheerleader Amy before asking Casey out. They break up in “Allergy Season”. Shane Kippel as Ralph , one of Derek’s friends and band member. William Greenblatt as Sheldon Shlepper.

Life with Derek

Destiny brings two women together Originally penned as a writing exercise at BardsVillage, this story has been revised for the Academy. Commitment The – Summary Pending 2. I am one of the believers that the descendants of our favorite two ladies are destined to find each other and fall in love. I have been asked by several of you to write a sequel to “The ‘Commitment"”, so, here it is.

This one may not make a lot of sense to you it you haven’t that one first.

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Casey McDonald

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The Girlfriend List. Thanks muchly to MagicAngel for the idea! Prologue: The Fight. Derek watched surreptitiously as his stepsister made-out with his best friend on the family couch.

Edit Casey McDonald, the oldest daughter. She is idealistic and independent, as well as academically ambitious. She has a Type A personality, being very particular about her academics. She accomplishes this by frequently studying in advance and does not accept poor grades. She frequently clashes with Derek because of their conflicting personalities and because of their roles as the oldest child in the household. She loves to dance to jazz, hip-hop and other types of music. She is also a cheerleader at some point in the show.

Derek and Casey