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Here below I have listed two popular and secure open source password.Hi guys, there is a password manager called Ninja Password ( It's free and you don't need to install any plugin to use it. Reply...Pros: The management system for passwords is really powerful.RoboForm password manager is a freeware which reliably and safely stores passwords on your PC or laptop.

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Although not as slick as commercial offerings such as 1Password or LastPass, the fact that users have.Mitro an open source and free password manager. Menu. Search. The app can be distinguished from other free password manage apps through its cloud.

So to conclude, Password Safe is a clever bit of software that enables users to keep a record of all of the information they use to get into various websites.

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KeePass password manager is a FREE open-source software program for easily storing and generating strong passwords.

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Mitro saves all your passwords, synchronizes them across all your devices,.Before we go further into the top 5 list, we would like you to explore our own Password Dragon software.

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It uses Cipher Block Chaining and AES encryption which makes it very secure and reliable.Here comes the need of password manager which will store your valuable data in encrypted form and only you can access that, hence its completely secure.

Pros: It is almost the best freeware available which works with almost all browsers.Top 5 Best Free Password Managers for Windows. KeePass Password manager is a free open source software which helps you to store your valuable passwords in a.It is integrated with high class and very fine encryption algorithms to keep your data protected and secure.

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The Google Chrome extension Padlock is an open source solution for password management that runs in sync to the native Chrome password system.Cons: Unable to recover the data, if user forgets the master keyword.

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P2P File Sharing Software With Unlimited File Size, Password Protection.

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Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at MacUpdate.

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Top 5 Best Free ZIP File Password Cracker or Recovery Tools for Windows.Identity and Access Management for the. stack that is based on open standards and offered as a professional open source. Manager. Password.

Password Safe securely stores your username and password info.It is probably one of the oldest and uses strong Encryption algorithms like BlowFish and AES for complete security and protection.Cons: This software is resource expensive as it is written in Java.Enterprise Password Manager simplifies and streamlines work with passwords in a company. Open source self hosted solution:.KeePass Password manager is a free open source software which helps you to store your valuable passwords in a highly secure encrypted database whose key to decryption is only with you.

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It not only auto-logs the user into online accounts but also completes online registration and checks out forms with a single click.

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It is a very handy tool that makes your password management very easy.This has lot more to offer, check-out the full list of features of password dragon.

KeePass Password Safe Portable works best with the PortableApps.

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LastPass is a freeware password manager which makes your browsing secure and easier.The Psono password manager keeps hackers out and your passwords secure.Pros: Easy to configure, with backup for deleted entries.It is light and portable, Simple to organize.It has strong password generator and native translations into Spanish, German etc. with a secure clipboard to protect passwords.