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Though some have called this the “worst pistol ever made”, in the context of it’s time and use it was certainly an acceptable pistol and performed everything that was required of it. Many of it’s characteristics were either derived from existing pistols of the period or dictated by it’s design requirements. He is either directly responsible or helped design many of the weapons in wide spread use by Imperial Japan during WWII including pistols and light machineguns.

However, whereas Browning’s designs were noted for their ruggedness and simplicity, Nambu’s designs were often complex and awkward. Nambu retired from the Army in In he was one of the founders of the Nambu Rifle Manufacturing Company Nambu Ju Seizosho which was set up to manufacture, among other weapons, the Type 14 pistol which had been adopted by the Imperial Army in that year.

Nambu World: Researching Your Japanese Handgun If you are visiting this site to research basic information on a Japanese handgun you have just inherited or acquired, this section is for you. It is a guide to where to find information on the site. This photo shows the main types of Japanese handguns. What model is it?

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It was my first Ruger semi-auto after having owned just about everything else over time. I liked the ergonomics so much when I shot it I couldn’t figure out why I’d waited so long. So I went the extra mile and got a Ruger SR Then I had the SR9C out at the range. At this point I had approximately rounds through the pistol with nothing but perfect function.

Nagoya Arsenal Type 14 8mm Nambu caliber pistol. Dated 10/ This is a late gun with the large trigger guard. This gun also has the Iroha Kana mark which was .

Japanese Sword Evaluations Click to see our Evaluation pages Weapon and Work of Art by David E. Pepin, The Japanese sword, more commonly know as the Samurai sword, was a superb weapon. Its unique edge-tempering compared to the full-blade tempering of the famous Toledo and Damascus swords of Europe allowed a degree of hardness and razor-sharpness impossible to attain in European swords without danger of brittleness and breakage.

The fear and respect which the Japanese warrior and his sword inspired among Oriental foes is recorded in many contemporary accounts. But beyond its quality as a weapon, the Japanese sword is important as one of history’s finest expressions of the metal worker’s art. Click to read more Intricate carvings of wood, jade, ivory, or just about anything else. Guns with Enamels and inlays. US and European swords in Very good condition or presentation, including Bowie knives. Jewels, Chinese pottery, Tiffany lamps.

Old Coins or paper currency. Very early Greek and Roman marble.

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Soldiers, Sailors and Marines are inveterate souvenir hunters. One just has to look at the huge numbers of German Pickelhaubes and Lugers that came home following World War I and the copious quantity of captured military gear that made its way into Yankee attics following World War II to prove this assertion. In the Second World War especially, there were particular treasures.

The Type 94 Nambu pistol was designed by Kojiro Nambu after he retired from the Japanese Army and founded the Nambu Rifle Manufacturing Company. Design for the Type 94 Nambu pistol commenced in with the goal of reducing the bulk and price of previous Nambu designs. [3]Type: Semi-automatic pistol.

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It’s so strong and elegant. The other guns look dumb to me. Also the good thing I like — how many bullets can it fire? When you continue firing it’s like The 92 is a descendant of the single stack Beretta M , and can be considered a modern-day variant of the Walther P38, as it uses the P38’s locking block as opposed to a Browning-style tilting barrel; this allows for a lighter slide or a lighter half of a slide, in Beretta’s case , and the barrel is restricted to back-and-forth motion, helping accuracy.

It has been continually updated for a while, its latest model being the 92A1.

This pistol is of enormous historical value as it shows the earliest development of the Nambu pistol, dating back to This photo shows some characteristics which are standard distinguishing features between Grandpas and Papas, and some that are unique to this pistol.

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Nambu pistol

Traditionally made swords were produced during this period but, in order to supply such large numbers of swords, blacksmiths with little or no knowledge of traditional Japanese sword manufacture were recruited. In addition, supplies of the type of Japanese steel tamahagane used for sword making were limited so several other types of steel were substituted. Shortcuts in forging were also taken, such as the use of power hammers and tempering the blade in oil rather than hand forging and water tempering; these measures created swords without the usual characteristics associated with Japanese swords.

During this wartime period antique swords from older time periods were remounted for use in military mounts. Presently in Japan showato are not considered to be true Japanese swords and they can be confiscated; outside Japan they are collected as historical artifacts. Murata Tsuneyoshi — , a Japanese general who previously made guns, started making what was probably the first mass-produced substitute for traditionally made samurai swords.

Gun Review: The Japanese Nambu Pistol The knurled cocking knob denotes that this is a later-production pistol. Note the large lanyard ring and rather small rear sight. 6 of 7 Gun Review: The Japanese Nambu Pistol The Type 14’s magazine retention spring is part of the frontstrap. Also visible is the grooved, aluminum magazine baseplate.

Japanese Rifles – by Cliff Carlisle Japanese model designations of firearms can be confusing. The Japanese used 2 different calendars for model designations. In addition, each Emperor had his own calendar based upon his reign. The Meiji era was from to It was followed by the Taisho era from to and by the Showa era from to Up until model designations were by the year adopted in the Emperors reign.

From on model designations were by Jimmu era.

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