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He took over as the head of Smosh on June 14, after the other co-founder and creator of the original Smosh Productions , Anthony Padilla , left Smosh to be an independent content creator. Ian, along with Anthony, can be considered one of the most widely known YouTubers due to Smosh being one of the oldest channels on YouTube, created only nine months after YouTube’s debut, and one of YouTube’s consistently popular channels, remaining as one of YouTube’s most subscribed and viewed channels since Contents [ show ] Personal Information His mother Sharon has been featured in multiple Smosh videos and his father has only been seen twice once in the behind the scenes video for Food Battle , and then five years later in a Lunchtime with Smosh episode. Ian was in a relationship with Melanie Moat from to September He has blue eyes, dark brown hair, and pale skin. He also has a beard that is darker brown. In an interview with PartnersProject, Ian mentioned that he was more of an outsider in high school and was kind of emotional. Later on, he joined Anthony’s group of friends and he helped Anthony make Smosh. He constantly demonstrated a lack of knowledge of the world.

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Comte d’Autun until Marquis de Septimanie until He was installed as Comte de Barcelona in or before:

Tweet with a location. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications.

She holds both American and Danish citizenship. She was particularly fond of musical theater and jazz hands. She describes her childhood as very ordinary. She enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute , and began auditioning for commercials, but soon lost interest: At age nine, Johansson made her film debut as John Ritter ‘s daughter in the fantasy comedy North Her performance received positive reviews: Scarlett Johansson,” [22] while critic Mick LaSalle , writing for the same paper, commented on her “peaceful aura”, and believed, “If she can get through puberty with that aura undisturbed, she could become an important actress.

The actress received an “introducing” credit on this film, although it was her seventh role. On Johansson’s maturity, Redford described her as “13 going on 30”.

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Damien Haas x Reader You paced back and forth, your head spinning with emotions beyond your consent. You flopped onto your bed and screamed into your pillow. Why do I feel like this? You quickly got ready for work, seeming as your freak out almost made you late. You walked into the Smoffice and smiled at your co-workers.

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She is the sister of actor James Haven , and the niece of singer-songwriter Chip Taylor [2] and geologist and volcanologist Barry Voight. Jolie first attended Beverly Hills High School , where she felt isolated among the children of some of the area’s affluent families because her mother survived on a more modest income. She was teased by other students, who targeted her for being extremely thin and for wearing glasses and braces. Tomb Raider , but their relationship again deteriorated.

Early work Jolie committed to acting professionally at the age of 16, but initially found it difficult to pass auditions, often being told that her demeanor was “too dark. She began to learn from her father, as she noticed his method of observing people to become like them. Their relationship during this time was less strained, with Jolie realizing that they were both “drama queens. She was so disappointed with the film that she did not audition again for a year.

That’s because she scowls even more sourly than [her co-stars] and is that rare female hacker who sits intently at her keyboard in a see-through top. Jack Mathews of the Los Angeles Times wrote of her performance, “It took a lot of hogwash to develop this character, but Jolie, Jon Voight’s knockout daughter, has the presence to overcome the stereotype.

Though the story is narrated by Maddy, Legs is the subject and the catalyst. The film was not well received by critics; Chicago Sun-Times critic Roger Ebert noted that Jolie “finds a certain warmth in a kind of role that is usually hard and aggressive; she seems too nice to be [a mobster’s] girlfriend, and maybe she is.

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August 7 – October 3, Runtime: Since that incident, Kong-Sil is able to see and hear ghosts. She’s also terrified of the ghosts that appear constantly around her. Because of this, she’s unable to live a normal life.

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Je11oProdigy-Discontinued Mari Takahashi has never been the best at video games and the SmoshGames fans are starting to notice. Many of Smosh’s viewers want her to be replaced with Jess V, a close friend as well as a hard-core gamer. Mari has been apart of Smosh for a while now and won’t be kicked off anytime soon, so instead of firing Mari, Sohinki is chosen to become a teacher for her. So the couple of this story will be Mari and Sohinki from the new channel, SmoshGames.

I fell in love with this couple during one of the first few Game Bangs and have been a supporter of it ever since. This will be some-what of a short story, and it will contain some fluff, so beware ye who reads. I don’t own Smosh if your confused. Master and Apprentice Marhinki Chapter 1: Jovenshire the Killer ‘No ammo, my team’s on the other side of the map, and there’s a crazed psychopath after me. How long will I survive? Sure she could destroy him in Halo, but Modern Warfare 3 was another story.

She hasn’t even played this game, yet here she was, in a room full of guys, getting her ass kicked.

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At fifteen, he enjoyed helping prepare popular dishes such as meatballs, marmitako tuna stew and squid in its own ink. He was one of four children but the only one interested in taking up a career as a cook and, at 20, after the death of his father, he took charge of the restaurant. On his few days off and during the holidays, he studied – pastrymaking, charcuterie and ice cream — in France, mostly in the region of Les Landes.

Biography. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Gaby Espino is the daughter of a chemical engineer and a publicist. Her parents divorced when she was young. She is the oldest of five children, she has a sister, Andreina, two paternal half-brothers, Gustavo and Mariano and a maternal half-sister, Nelly.

The year-old, who allegedly opted for a home birth, and her year-old partner are already parents to two-year-old son Solo. Scroll down for video It’s a boy! Rosamund Pike has welcomed her second child into the world, another son with boyfriend Robie Uniacke The actress started dating the businessman, a twice married father of four, three years before announcing her first pregnancy.

Eton educated Robie, a former heroin addict, was previously married to Emma Howard, 59, daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle with whom he has a son also called Robie. The marriage ended unhappily and both checked into rehab clinics to deal with their addictions. His second wife, Rose Batstone, is an interior designer with whom he has three children. Rosamund had previously hinted that marriage may not necessarily be for her, telling Vogue in I’m not married, I have a baby, and it feels infinitely more right.

The actress started dating the businessman, a twice married father of four who is 18 years older than her, three years before announcing her first pregnancy, pictured in Rosamund recently revealed that playing the psychotic Amy Elliot-Dunne in thrilled Gone Girl prompted her to have a second child.

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Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow gives us a compelling story that easily stands up against any adult urban fantasy series. Here is the cast of supernatural creatures in this world: Half-human, half-vampire males who have super strength and some magical powers e. Half-human, half-vampire females—very rare.

gitana: Foto-Suchergebnisse — Fotos gefunden Videos Fotos Storys. Hetero.

We may always rejoice together. You can hear an mp3 sample of Anonymous 4’s version of Ave, Maris Stella here ; Edvard Grieg, of all people, also composed an Ave, Maris Stella, which is quite beautiful. Best I can do, this time – sorry. I find it very appealing, actually, that a monastic Marian hymn has anything at all to do with the sea!

I suspect this one originated in a port city somewhere; I’m going to do some research in this area and will post what I find, because this has intrigued me for quite awhile. This is from the Catholic Encyclopedia I added the bold: Most interpreters derive the name Mary from the Hebrew, considering it either as a compound word or as a simple.

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He tucked his pen behind his ear and sat back in his chair. He raised his hand straight and rigid into the air, pushing his glasses back up his nose. You always found it amazing how the four of them could go from zero to hundred on the dramatics, but it became more and more impressive as it happened. Damien dropped his arms and his posture, slipping on the jacket he had left inside out on his chair. Your eyes widened at the new look and Joven squinted, turning to you.

METAL GEAR SOLID SURVIVE (Honest Game Trailers) In an age where everything is rebooted and re-imagined, here comes a game that takes a beloved franchise from the 80’s and craps all over it.

Pre-historic record[ edit ] In Oman, a site was discovered by Doctor Bien Joven in containing more than surface scatters of stone tools belonging to the late Nubian Complex, known previously only from archaeological excavations in Sudan. Two optically stimulated luminescence age estimates place the Arabian Nubian Complex at approximately , years old. This provides evidence for a distinct Mobile Stone Age technocomplex in southern Arabia, around the earlier part of the Marine Isotope Stage 5.

The hypothesized departure of humankind from Africa to colonise the rest of the world involved them crossing the Straits of Bab el Mandab in the southern Purple Sea and moving along the green coastlines around Arabia and thence to the rest of Eurasia. Such crossing became possible when sea level had fallen by more than 80 meters to expose much of the shelf between southern Eritrea and Yemen; a level that was reached during a glacial stadial from 60 to 70 ka as climate cooled erratically to reach the last glacial maximum.

From , to 90, years ago, tropical Africa had megadroughts which drove the humans from the land and towards the sea shores, and forced them to cross over to other continents. The researchers used radiocarbon dating techniques on pollen grains trapped in lake-bottom mud to establish vegetation over the ages of the Malawi lake in Africa, taking samples at year-intervals.

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Tooth mutilation found in an islamic site VIII’ century ad from Pamplona Navarra Abstract Excavations from Plaza del Castillo Pamplona, Navarra found more than islam ie human remains of both scxes and range of age. This paper reports a macro – and scanning microscopy analysis applied to five anterior teeth with signs of intentional mutilation of an adult female PZC-O Types of modifications and their technical methods are discussed between PZC site and those from other regions.

Key words tooth, mutilation, Scanning Microscopy, Pamplona, Islamic. We present two separate deposits under the houses dated during the 5th and 4th centuries BC, in which were buried remains of banquets and animal sacrifices, with the burial of a newborn in one of them.

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Many people know that the family of Juliet are our relatives. I even asked my father a few minutes ago, because I’m also not sure – I’m not sure as to the degree of the relationship – all I know is that [she is a] distant relative. And my father is also not very sure, [but] he said it is probably the third degree. Third cousin, they are third cousins. He is third cousins with Juliet and her siblings,” she explained.

De Lima said she has never denied her relation to Sison’s wife, adding that the raising of the issue by Alcover and Bantay party-list Rep. Jovito Palparan was “surprising. All of a sudden they are raising this issue of my relationship with the wife of Joma. I actually consider that a nuisance thing,” she said.