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Blddra i aktuella och tidigare kataloger. Hr kan du hitta en date bli kr. Prova du ocks Bli medlem Gratis. Till exempel skola, omsorg, lediga jobb, kultur, fritid, trafik, bygglov och politik. Allt r mjligt om du bara testar! Registrera dig gratis hr och nu Gamla Uppsala A mythical place. Do you want to browse the site in At Gamla Uppsala you can see the ruins of Uppsala’s first cathedral, dating back to the. Dejting p 40pluskontakt r ett bra stt att f kontakt med singlar ver 40 r. Hr r dating bde tryggt och skert.

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New Stanford research on speed dating examines what makes couples ’click’ in four minutes Stanford researchers analyze the encounters of men and women during four-minute speed dates to find out what makes couples feel connected.

Himmelstein and Hannah Bruckner, Pediatrics Jan. The article states that lesbian, bisexual and gay youth are singled out more than their heterosexual counterparts for punishment from authorities, including police and school officials, according to a new study. It offers recommendations for helping law enforcement agencies achieve a smooth, rapid public warning activation program. Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: The project also helps local law enforcement agencies schedule firearm safety events in their communities.

As of March , Project ChildSafe had distributed more than 9 million safety kits in nearly 12, communities in 46 states.

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One fun-damental component of a match-making system is the re-trieval and ranking of candidate matches for a given user. We present the first in-depth study of information retrievalapproaches applied to match-making systems. Specifically,we focus on retrieval for a dating service. This domain of-fers several unique problems not found in traditional infor-mation retrieval tasks.

These include two-sided relevance,very subjective relevance, extremely few relevant matches,and structured queries. We propose a machine learned rank-ing function that makes use of features extracted from theuniquely rich user profiles that consist of both structuredand unstructured attributes.

Contents Awards Printed Proceedings Online Proceedings Cross-conference papers Awards In honor of its 25th anniversary, the Machine Learning Journal is sponsoring the awards for the student authors of the best and distinguished papers.

Their paper, “Making the Connection: But, he said, those explanations ignore or downplay the role of communication. There is a great deal of uncertainty, the paper notes, about the meaning of signals we send to other people, and how that plays into forging interpersonal connections. Is it all things that are psychological or in my head or is there actually something in how we hit it off? How the words are delivered, when and for how long make a difference to how people feel toward each other, and in this case, whether the men and women sensed that they “clicked” during their encounter.

The four-minute date, the study found, was enough time to forge a meaningful relationship — something that seemed to go beyond looks and motivation.

ICML , The 28th International Conference on Machine Learning

We present the design, implementation, and deployment of a wearable computing platform for measuring and analyzing human behavior in organizational settings. We propose the use of wearable electronic badges capable of automatically measuring the amount of face-to-face interaction, conversational tim We propose the use of wearable electronic badges capable of automatically measuring the amount of face-to-face interaction, conversational time, physical proximity to other people, and physical activity levels in order to capture individual and collective patterns of behavior.

with many thanks to Professor Dan Jurafsky of Stanford University for advice and data 1 Introduction Data: In , researchers conducted three evenings of graduate-student speed dating.

Beginning of a new epidemic of penile amputations? The attorney representing the doctors sued in the case has filed for dismissal after testimonies reveal that neither performed a circumcision on the patient. They examined 40 cases: The most common breach of duty was error in surgical decision making, present in 20 cases Informed consent was an issue in 13 filings In cases that identified the type of implant used, Twin-brother scientists Kush and Lav Varshney spent some time noodling on that notion.

Narbut, Vestnik oftalmologii, vol. Thanks to investigator Ivan Oransky for bringing this to our attention. The present study investigated the ability of the tortoise to learn a spatial task in which the response required was simply to touch a stimulus presented in a given position on a touchscreen…. Four red-footed tortoises learned to operate the touchscreen apparatus… The results show that red-footed tortoises are able to operate a touchscreen and can successfully solve a spatial two-choice task inthis apparatus….

Four juvenile red-footed tortoises Chelonoidiscarbonaria—formerly Geochelone with plastron lengths of 13 cm Esme , 13 cm Molly , 12 cm Quinn and 11 cm Emily , took part in the study. Development of the Flirting Styles Inventory Note:

ICML , The 28th International Conference on Machine Learning

December 9, Stacey Mason In preparation for what sounds like a very promising reading session at MLA , Alan Bigelow answers several questions at the heart of electronic literature today. At one point Bigelow asserts that no idea exists which can only be conveyed through an electronic medium, no idea that can’t be conveyed through traditional media. While I think this is superficially true, there is a powerful performative aspect to electronic literature unique to the form, and which can create a different relationship to the work than other forms.

The role of the reader’s relationship to an avatar, for example, might make the player directly responsible for a catastrophe. This doesn’t always happen, but the fact that it can makes electronic literature very different.

Speed dating innebr att trffa projektledaren tillsammans i en plan 3. Medverkande: Katharina Fehler, strategisk planerare, Uppsala kommun, Eva. Stockholm. Perfekt fr dig som r mitt i karriren och sker kvalificerade tjnster.

Tech Talk Today File Type: We also discuss the privacy win for US mobiles, some history and future hopes for Intel’s dedicated GPU Larrabee, and that time Allan’s town lost power. Sign up with a free 7 day trial when you visit: Smash our promo code heresthething after you create an account, and get a credit on us! In a series of rapid fire leaks, lawsuits, and PR blunders we re-cap Google’s awful bad week.

Then we wrap it up with our Kickstarter of the week, that wants to build open source VR for exploring Mars. Mnuchin on Google and tech monopolies — Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on Monday joined the growing chorus of government officials concerned about tech monopolies. His comments come on the heels of a “60 Minutes” segment on Google’s unparalleled market share in online search. Google sued for ‘clandestine tracking’ of 4. IBM warns of instant breaking of encryption by quantum computers: The senate votes to overturn the net neutrality repeal but there’s a long way to go.

OnePlus 6’s specs are out, and how some guy heated his bath water with Bitcoin mining. You’re going to want this Kickstarter of the week.

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The plaques are hard, thickened and stiff areas, actually a kind of internal scarring. In this fibroid tissue also calcium compounds can accumulate, making the plaques even harder. The Peyronie’s disease is also called cavernositis, and also sometimes plastic induration. There is probably a chronic inflammation process that leads to this scarring. The thickened area has less blood flow than normal penile tissue, and do not fill with blood and swell as the normal spongy areas in the inside of the penis.

Therefore the penis swells more at the opposite side, and gets a curvature towards the side containing the plaques when erected.

Online dating is so awful that people are paying virtual dating assistants to impersonate them — Quartz — Every morning I wake up to the same routine. I log into .

Your free words have been used up. Karel Marquez’s prewedding video told through sums up Karel’s personal journey told through a Tagalog spoken word na tayo. Nora Zehetner Nora may refer to: Means what God has spoken, will happen. Tayo July 23, at 4: Ang dating pagkatao na makasalanan at nabubuhay sa kasalanan ay wala na. Kinakikitaan ba tayo ng And so through Him the Amen is spoken.

Miranda Kerr has dismissed reports Miranda Kerr: Zoe Aggeliki on IMDb:

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